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#2394 How to Share ur EVDO connection with another WiFi Laptop/Mobile ?

Posted by jingboy on 05 February 2010 - 09:09 PM


1) Assign  manual IP addresses for ur laptop wifi adapter & ur mobile . 

Laptop wifi adapter :


subnet :

Gateway : blank

Mobile wifi settings: (u can also configure another laptop with the below settings to access internet) 

IP :

subnet :

Gateway :


2) On d laptop with EVDO connection, goto network sharing center>manage network connections

 Right-click ur EVDO connection ("ZTE Wireless Terminal") >properties>Sharing
 Enable "Allow others network users to use this internet connection" and under Home networking, select "Wireless network connection"

Click Apply.

3) Goto Control Panel>Network n Sharing Center>Set up a Connection or Network

4) Choose `Set up a wireless Ad-hoc network` and click next 

5) Give a name for your wireless network (e.g., `My Hotspot`) Choose security type as WEP (as supported by most handsets) and enter a 5 digit security key. 

6) Select `save this network` and click next.... Your laptop is now acting like a wireless router and is now ready to accept connections..

7) Scan for wifi networks from ur mobile or another laptop, U will find ur access point (i.e. My Hotspot) and connect to it by entering the WEP key

Now u shud be able to use all internet applications on ur mobile (u must allow 'local connection' under connectivity, on ur mobile)

Next time when u wanna activate hotspot, all u hav to do is to goto control panel>network and sharing center>Connect to a network & double click on `My hotspot`... and u are ready to connect on your mobile

However, Video streaming apps like Youtube may not work. For this , I set up a RTSP proxy on my laptop and it works fantastic!! If u wanna know bout that, ask me and i will write a tut on that B)


#2938 Antenna specific to ZTE AC8700 Modem

Posted by AntennaGuy on 29 October 2010 - 12:22 PM

Cdma_zte_usb_modem.jpg Hey Guys,

Finally after 2 years of research I think i have sourced a Antenna for ZTE AC8700 Model. I have figured out loads of technical stuff related to the coverage issue most of EVDO users face and I think i have a resolution.

1. The inbuilt Antenna is only built to support upto 7 kms of coverage from the EVDO communication tower beyond that and considering other parameters it will only work best in 4-5 km coverage beyond that you need a antenna.
2. There are multiple types of external antenna which boost coverage upto 15 - 23 kms. Anything beyond 23 kms will need a booster with Antenna.

I have bought 1 for testing and it works perfect. I will post more details soon. The external antenna is very easy to change and connect.

#2100 Solution: Frequent disconnection of Unlimited EVDO

Posted by vbeeeks on 10 October 2009 - 01:31 PM

The batch file polls the 'google.com' IP address and checks the reply, if the reply is Ok then it just naturally ends, but when there is ERROR then it prompts the message and initiates connection by first disabling any residual connection and then establishing the connection. this batch file is then used by Task Scheduler to automate checking at brief intervals so that the valuable time is not lost while downloading torrents. This script does not use the installed ZTE EVDO application in your hard drive but the configurations used for dialing the modem - so there is a benefit of some bandwidth overhead used by that application, disadvantages is that u are not given visual clue as to the tower connectivity nor the rate and verbatim messages that the application generates, but the advantage is MAGIC for those who experience frequent disconnects. It does plain connects by disconnecting the dead or half-dead connections. u can change the rate of scheduler according to the rate of disconnects in your area. Disclaimer: use it at your own risk. Confession: This script was copied from the net and modified for EVDO use, obliges to owner.

Copy-paste the below script in your notepad and save-as the following file with name as say Connect.bat in your C:\ root folder you may copy the same to a safe place also. (Assumed OS - window XP having installed rasdial by default.)
do the following edits :

rasdial "your device name" username password
rasdial "your device name" /DISCONNECT

for eg.
as per your connection name like in my case the evdo device creates ZTE-EVDO in Network Connections
and username password is 165 165, so it becomes
rasdial "ZTE-EVDO" 165 165
save the file and open your task scheduler and follow the attached images.

*****************************copy the line immediately below till the next :END ************
@echo off
ECHO Checking connection, please wait...
PING -n 2|find "Reply from " >NUL
ECHO Let me try a bit more, please wait...
@echo off
PING -n 3|find "Reply from " >NUL
ECHO You have an active Internet connection
goto END
ECHO You have an active internet connection but some packet loss was detected.
goto :END
ECHO You do not have an active Internet connection,
ECHO Initiating Connection ....
rasdial "ZTE-EVDO" 165 165

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#3000 Use Reliance Netconnect Broadband+ For free

Posted by cdmafreak on 21 November 2010 - 10:34 AM

Use following username and password in dialer instead of MDN


Say thanks if useful :)

#2061 External / Yagi Antenna for ZTE MG478/AC8700 EVDO modem

Posted by vbeeeks on 05 October 2009 - 09:27 AM

can u show me a pic of wat u did to ur evdo.. yagi antena??

i thought evdo was enabled in bhubaneswar and cuttuck in orissa...
good news now it supports rourkela...

so here's the attachment for yagi pic (did on a mobile cam) and the data for the yagi - actually these contraptions make the EVDO less mobile - u have to duplicate these thing where u use them the most. also notice the thingy is not weatherproofed nor impedance matched - because till now i cannot locate silicone glue nor the gizmos to calibrate the impedance. plain sort of connections was just enough till the BSNL Rourkela started to play their game - because it seems they have put in place some kindda traffic shaping software that restricts high bandwidth 24x7. just whe the traffic picks up CHOP CHOP. coming to yagi elements are made up of Al cloth hangars in the wooden boom.

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#3083 Anna Hazare - A topic dedicated to his movement

Posted by ashokjp on 11 April 2011 - 01:03 AM

Hazare to go on fast in Delhi from April 5

PUNE: Noted social crusader Anna Hazare has decided to go on an indefinite fast from April 5 in New Delhi to press for implementation of the Jan Lokpal Bill.

Addressing a news conference here on Thursday, Radheshyam Jagtap, Pune district head of Bhrashtachar Virodhi Janandolan Nyaas, established by Hazare in Ralegan Siddhi, Ahmednagar district, adjacent to Pune, said that a signature campaign has also been organised from April 3 on Jangli Maharaj Road to garner mass support for the protest.

Posted Image "This is a national level agitation, which will be actively supported by various organisations and political parties like Professionals Party of India, Parivartan, Sajag Nagrik Manch, India Against Corruption Movement and others," he said.

"Rarely are corrupt politicians or bureaucrats prosecuted and put behind bars. The investigating agencies are controlled by the politicians; hence we have decided to put pressure on the government to enact the Jan Lokpal Bill. Institutions like Lokpal and Lokayukta, that are supposed to work independently will be of great help to the common man as there will be little scope for politicians to intervene or influence the workings," Jagtap said.

Source: timesofindia

#2496 BSNL EVDO Coverage in Ahmedabad

Posted by Bhavesh on 03 April 2010 - 07:12 PM

Is it also available in Gandhi nagar of Gujarat?

Yes.evdo is available in all sectors of Gandhinagar!!!!!

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#2345 Zte Evdo Driver For Windows 7

Posted by ashokjp on 16 January 2010 - 08:01 PM

Here is the link to BSNL Dialer for ZTE USB

Supports Win XP, Vista, Win7

#2160 Wireless Routers for BSNL EVDO

Posted by Mobiledata on 01 November 2009 - 10:25 AM


I'm new to this forum but old to EVDO. 3G routers are now becoming available in India. I managed to get one from a Mumbai company a few months back that supports all the modems available today from Reliance, Tata , BSNL and MTNL. I got a little portable router that can be powered by either the USB port of a computer, normal mains or a car adapter.

I'm very happy with it and I thought the price was not bad either. I use a Reliance Netconnect + card with mine but I have a friend in Bangalore who uses the same router with a BSNL EVDO card and he is really happy with it.

I use my router in the car mainly as I have a laptop and a Ipod and I wanted both to be connected to the net at the same time. It also saved me big time on Friday when I was at a tradeshow where the show internet suddendly stopped and we needed Internet for our display. Out came the router and within 2 min our display was operational and 4 of us were back on the net getting emails.

The device I have is certainly worth the money I believe and would recommend it to anyone that wants to share their EVDO or 3G card.

I have been reading in a lot of places people think the price is high. I honestly think it's resonable as I did a lot of research before I purchased. The routers that are availale here in India on ebay are 50% cheaper than the ones I could get from the USA and this one is portable. All the other were big desktop models.

I have just had a look on Ebay and here is the router I got:


There are also other models available as well.





http://cgi.ebay.in/S...a5434986a<br />
Hope this information helps.

#2131 Technical Quest

Posted by vbeeeks on 19 October 2009 - 08:33 AM

<h3 class="post-title"><a href="http://evdotips.blog...erns.html">Cell Tower Signal Patterns</h3>Getting an idea of how cell towers radiate their signal and how yourown antenna receives that signal can help you, if using a directionalantenna, install and aim it in the most optimal position.
Posted ImageTheabove graphic is the typical pattern for a cloverleaf style tower mostoften found in suburban and rural areas. As you can see, the threesections that make up the pattern overlap each other and each of themhave their own identifying number called a PN (pilot number). When youare online/connected that number will show up in your connectionmanager's debug screen as the "Active" PN:

Posted Image

In the debug screen you will see references to Active, Candidate, and Neighbor pilots. The below graphic helps explain where they are relative to you. A Candidateis a cell tower in a particular direction you would be handed off to ifyou were mobile. For this discussion we are only talking about Active pilots.

Posted Image
YourEVDO antenna also radiates a signal pattern and, if directional, thatpattern is focused in one primary direction called a "lobe":

Posted Image
When the lobe of your antenna intersects the lobe of the cell tower you have a connection:Posted Image
Theabove example will show up in your debug screen as being connected toone active PN. But what if you see two active PN's? That means that thepattern of your antenna is intersecting two lobes of the cell tower ora completely different tower:

Posted ImageThissometimes causes a performance degradation if you have both of thosesector signals show up as active in your debug screen. What can you do?well you can try rotating your antenna to see if you can "lock" ontoonly one sector:
Posted ImageYouwon't be able to do this if you are using a omni style antenna becausetheir signal pattern is 360 degrees and therefore cannot be directed.that is why I think a directional antenna is better if using your EVDOmodem in a fixed position.

By using the same basic technique, ifyou are having problems with two towers at the same time you can tryaligning the antenna so that one of the towers signal path is directedto the weakest section of your antenna:
Posted Image
Inthe above example a desired signal ("A") and a undesired signal ("B")are both arriving at the antenna. If we want to maximize "A" then wewould point the main lobe of the antenna in a direction that putsundesired signal "B" into the weakest lobe, even if the main/strongestlobe is not optimally pointed at the desired signal. Remember the goalis to maximize the signal to noise ratio.

There you have it. A visual way to think about how you are getting the signal and a possible "tweak" to optimize it.

#2067 External / Yagi Antenna for ZTE MG478/AC8700 EVDO modem

Posted by vbeeeks on 05 October 2009 - 01:51 PM

thanks for posting..
any rough detail hot to connect the cables from device to antenna..
and details of connection of cables joined at antenna..

Attached File  aa1.bmp   280.33KB   187 downloads

#2045 External / Yagi Antenna for ZTE MG478/AC8700 EVDO modem

Posted by vbeeeks on 01 October 2009 - 10:27 AM

Hi All,

i want to connect an external antenna to ZTE MG478 USB modem.Is it possible?

DO NOT fiddle with the antenna ZTE has provided with the EVDO device, it is tuned for the centre freq. of the EVDO device i.e 836MHz; instead fabricate a simple reflector of copper sheet in the form of cylindrical parabola which will sure give u good results once directed toward your EVDO tower, no need to concern about walls obstructing u or the trees if only on the condition your device is within the theoretical coverage area of ~3km radius of the BSNL antenna array. See the attached layout and parabolic curve - bend the Cu sheet of 250x150 on the parabolic curve and solder with heavy duty (50W) soldering iron on another flat sheet that forms a base. mark the focal point and place the EVDO antenna and tie it firmly with some strapping of your choice. mount (the big hole marked) on some cheap PVC piping 50" long with some firm base. punch some holes on the curved sheet corners with heavy duty paper puncher (single) not disturbing the curvature of the sheet to get additional supports to prevent bending away of your assembly with self-weight. that said your reception of signals and consistent data traffic depends on BSNL in you area and all disclaimer exclusiveness of mine liability while doing this DIY project. you can take help of your nearest electronic shop if u cannot manage to construct in your own. handling your EVDO device as given in the instruction booklet applies.

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#890 External / Yagi Antenna for ZTE MG478/AC8700 EVDO modem

Posted by kartick.siddhartha on 02 October 2008 - 11:09 PM

Hi All,

i want to connect an external antenna to ZTE MG478 USB modem.Is it possible?

#3001 Use Reliance Netconnect Broadband+ For free

Posted by ashokjp on 21 November 2010 - 07:05 PM

good one! +1 reputation for your post.. :)

#2878 Usage details of BSNL EVDO

Posted by evdo_expert on 18 September 2010 - 03:45 PM

Web site in which NIC/EVDO customer can login and check the usage details. It is similar to the broadband usage details web site. The I.P. address of the site is and is accessible from NIC/EVDO cards only. The default userid is MIN . After first login customer can change the password.

#2510 Get da max out of ur EVDO.....Unbelievable speed in BSNL EVDO....

Posted by ashokjp on 04 April 2010 - 10:38 PM

goto speedtest.net and do a speedtest. What you get there is your actual speed. Its a speed test based on a download of few time gaps.

Dont rely on evdo speed in that dialer. it only shows the max speed attained during that session. it means if u get a speed of 1000mbps, and then later on a constant speed of 512kbps, it will only show 1000mbps there, not 512kbps.

#2460 new evdo plan with 3.1 Mbps avaliable?

Posted by ashokjp on 21 March 2010 - 01:07 AM

The same device wont support the 3.1mbps plan. For speeds upto 3.1mbps your hardware should be EVDO revA. Please see this link for more info on evdo revisions

Currently bsnl has not provided much info whether you get a free upgrade or will be charged. Lets wait and watch.

#2329 Zte Evdo Driver For Windows 7

Posted by arunku83 on 13 January 2010 - 12:36 AM

hello friends,

i have downloaded win 7 and upgraded my system, from dual core to core i5, with 4 gb ddr3 RAM, ATI Radeon 5850 and MSI mobo.

This all just for getting the faster speed with 64 bit Processor on 64 bit OS but After installing all my EVDO doesn't works,
u can imagine after spenting Rs.42,000/- i was totally upset from last 2 months.
but last night i got my drivers for evdo works like butter on bread (64 bit win 7).
this is Ukrainian Evdo site and u will get the drivers ,
may be there is language problem, but if u r using IE8 (not sure about mozila or opera)
there will be pop up for language convertor to english.
and link i am provinding is directly to the download page.
u just need to download 2 setup.
which is single one but uploaded as in 2 part in rar, many of u know it very well.
and may be u need to refresh ur page to download another part.

one request from all who will download this setup, plz reply me after downloading.
and if any kind of problem occours plz write to me on my mail 
i will screen shots of how to download or can guide u through chat or phone...
b'coz i know the worth of this driver..... more then Rs.42,0000/...................

here is the link

CLICK ON this after openingthe page   Драйвери та ПЗ (Means Drivers and softwares)
File size are (8.6 mb, 5.7mb)

Part 2 :(Edited on 24 feb 2010)

 i have uploaded evdo's 64 bit bit drivers, specially for u all who need it.
1. try to copy and paste this on adress bar if it works the download page directy opened,

or try the another one....

2. just mail me and u will receive a link from hotmail.
click on bsnl evdo's on page which u will receive from hotmail...
Join bsnl evdo's network on Windows Live
just cllick on it the download page opened, just install and enjoy...

with these drivers u will get near about twice of previous speed even if u r using 32bit.

so just don't get afraid....

badale main i not need ur money,

just a sweet e-mail saying thank u . if have time to write.

bye and happy surfing....

#1987 Download Any Movie or video @ your max speed...

Posted by gjmptw on 04 September 2009 - 03:24 AM

As told erlier Rapidshare & non download manager supported sites sucks if used with EVDO...

I got a new trick to download movies & videos from any online watching website using a download manager..

for this u will need Mozilla Firefox installed with an addon named Video DownloadHelper ... You can install the addon using this link To install Video DownloadHelper Click Here
after installing this addon restart firefox & search for the movie using google .. e.g. for Harry Potter And The Half Blood Prince search "watch Harry Potter And The Half Blood Prince online".
You will notice the download Helper will start moving after u reach the website containing the movie..
here is an example

Posted Image

Now click on the small arrow in the right side of the download helper & go to the video file & select "Copy Url" option... Here is an example how you can do this...

Click here to watch the Example

Now go to ur download manager & use the add download button paste the link in it.. for them who dont have a download manager can use FreeDownloadManager by clicking here...here is an example of pasting & starting the download...

Click here to watch the Example

These links are usually fully supported by any download manager as they are the direct streaming links.. links are resume supported too but only for few hours.. after that if the resume isnt working you will have to get a new link & replace the inuse link with the new link.. to do this just follow the same process to get a new link.. then open the download manager & open the properties of the download which you want to resume.. you will see the old link there .. just delete the old link & paste the new link there.. now stop the download & start it again.. the download will resume automatically...

I prefer downloading from any divx website as the quality really rocks... flash websites dosent offers much good quality videos but they are in smaller size....

I cant post links to any website here as its against forums terms so you can pm me if you want a good website to download movies using this trick....
Happy downloading...

#1473 Downloading files from Rapidshare / Megaupload

Posted by sbmcos on 25 April 2009 - 07:01 PM

rs now works wid charm, and torrents as well
cause now bsnl is giving dynamic ips , in 117.254 range

so enjoy